• Region: APAC
  • Topics: Geothermal
  • Date: June, 2024

1Following encouraging results from extensive surveys, INPEX Corporation has decided to go ahead with exploratory drilling for geothermal energy development in Shibetsu Town, Hokkaido, Japan. 

Since its nomination in the process of the 'Selection of Operators for the Musadake Region Geothermal Survey' in Shibetsu Town in 2020, INPEX has been conducting surface and geophysical surveys as well as drilling operations in the Sempo area northwest of Mount Musadake in the western part of Shibetsu Town. It took a positive turn as the company came across geothermal resources from the site, which can potentially actualise its net zero ambitions while expanding its clean energy business in Japan. 

Accelerating geothermal initiatives

INPEX aims to accelerate its geothermal initiatives by tapping into the technologies it cultivated through oil and natural gas development. The company has plans to proactively engage in energy landscape development to help
realise a net zero carbon society while fulfilling its responsibilities for the stable development and supply of energy.



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