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Date: Apr, 2021

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Ardyne, an Aberdeen and Norway-based fishing, milling and casing recovery provider, has announced a strategic alliance with Dynasty Energy Services (Dynasty), a leader in specialised fishing services and plug and abandonment (P&A), to deliver enhanced P&A services around the world.

The exclusive partnership will enable easier access to leading world-class downhole technologies from both companies to deliver major cost and time efficiencies for P&A operations. As part of the agreement, Ardyne’s US team of five people will transfer to Dynasty, ensuring continuity from employees experienced in running Ardyne equipment over the last three years in US onshore and offshore applications.

Worldwide service

The alliance broadens Dynasty’s market offering in the western Hemisphere, while also enhancing Ardyne’s technology offering in the North Sea and wider eastern Hemisphere. It also allows for increased efficiencies for clients in both western and eastern Hemisphere markets.

Alan Fairweather, CEO of Ardyne, commented, “The future of many oil and gas supply chain companies will depend on their ability to adapt to market conditions and to continue identifying opportunities to improve their offering by creating greater operational efficiencies.

“Our strategic alliance with Dynasty is not only exciting for Ardyne, it also presents a model for other companies of a similar size to strengthen their existing technology portfolio and deliver a more robust global offering to clients.”

The alliance’s offerings

Ardyne will bring to the table its systems for casing recovery which save rig time and can provide solutions to challenging operations. The company’s Casing Recovery Toolbox offers flexibility and functionality to optimise operations and quickly adapt to unexpected circumstances.

Ardyne’s TRIDENT system, an integrated, single-trip casing cutting and pulling system has been developed to save rig time while offering precision and additional functionality is also on offer. Additionally, the TITAN system provides power downhole, enabling repeatable, on demand casing cutting and jacking capability in a single trip – it has been run successfully more than 1,200 times around the world.

From Dynasty, the unique Predator thru-casing section milling technology mitigates sustained pressure, providing a secure environment for barrier placement, saving costs through less rig time and multiple trips in the well. The Predator enables stabilised multiple string section milling without damaging outer casing strings. It allows real time decision-making, greater flexibility and contingency planning – especially valuable for P&A campaigns where the original well records are questionable or absent.

Combining Predator with the TRIDENT and TITAN systems enables multiple time saving solutions for P&A operations, with the benefit of being available from one service provider.

Alan Fairweather continued, “Forecasts for the decommissioning market are healthy but to maximise these opportunities will require greater innovation in technology and service provision. The exclusive partnership between Ardyne and Dynasty answers the need for a truly world-class full service fishing, milling and casing recovery offering for the global P&A sector.

“It reaffirms our ongoing commitment to the North Sea well-decom efficiency tool kit and opens our business up to greater opportunities in the locations where Dynasty is already established, including the Gulf of Mexico and US land.”

Keith Alexander, executive VP and chief operations officer of Dynasty Energy Services, added, “Under the partnership agreement, we will supply Ardyne’s technologies to support our services in the Western Hemisphere while Ardyne will supply our products along with their own in the Eastern Hemisphere.

“Combining our technologies to establish a stronger, holistic offering represents a win-win for both companies. However the ultimate winners are the clients who will benefit from easier access to our products to help them achieve greater P&A efficiencies.”