Region: North America
Content Types: Report
Date: Oct, 2023

ormat deep earth geoOrmat Technologies has broken new ground as it has partnered with DEEP Earth Energy to launch Canada’s first 5MW conventional geothermal power plant.

The two companies have signed a Notice to Proceed Agreement, marking the first step in redefining the region’s energy landscape by bringing the green energy source online. The project marks a significant milestone in Canada’s commitment to sustainable energy as the region has long since been established as having vast geothermal potential.

DEEP Earth Energy’s President and CEO, Kirsten Marcia, said, “We are grateful to have such a strong and committed partner as DEEP prepared to become Canada’s first commercial conventional geothermal power producer. Together, we will revolutionise the geothermal power industry, incorporating DEEP’s first-in-the-world horizontal well design and Ormat’s ORC power generation equipment.”

Ran Reshef, Vice President of International Sales for Ormat Technologies, commented, “It is with great honour that we find ourselves at the forefront of this pivotal transformation in the Canadian energy landscape. As we move forward, let it be known that this is just the beginning.”