Region: North America
Content Types: Report
Date: Dec, 2023

Expro man offshore

Leading energy provider Expro has renewed and expanded its agreement with Di Drill Survey Services, a provider of high-end HPHT logging and Gyro survey services for complex abandonment services to both the oil and gas and geothermal sectors.

The strategic partnership agreement strengthens the growing relationship between the two energy service companies who are committed to providing premium well integrity solutions to complex wellbore situations.

Patrick Hanson, Expro’s Senior Geothermal Development Manager, said, “Our ability to partner with such a respected and entrenched company such as Di Drill aligns with our geothermal growth strategy to better serve the industry in regions where we don’t have physical locations or an established well intervention footprint. Di Drill shares the same core principals of safety, quality and integrity as Expro, this partnership was an easy decision.”

Daniel McCall, President of Di Drill Survey Services, commented, “We are honoured to have the ability to continue to grow our relationship with such an esteemed service provider in the energy sector. The ability to extend and offer existing services and additional new technologies to our business partners will allow for seamless operations between multiple services from a single provider. Thank you to the Expro team for trusting us to represent your incredible technology.”

A previous agreement enabled Expro to provide its high temperature Kinley Caliper and downhole camera product lines to Di Drill to service predominantly geothermal operations in western US. The new agreement will also include Expro’s annulus intervention solution, Octopoda, with Di Drill making its gyros available for Expro’s specific call-in work. The agreement also extends joint operations into newer regions such as Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and across the border into Mexico.