Region: North America
Content Types: Report
Date: July, 2023

Fervo geothermalFervo Energy, one of the leaders in next-generation geothermal technology, has announced the successful completion of its well test at its full-scale commercial pilot project, Project Red, in Nevada.

The successful test confirmed the commercial viability of Fervo’s drilling technology and further established Project Red as one of the most productive enhanced geothermal systems (ESG) to date. The 30-day well test achieved a flow rate of 63 litres per second at high temperature, which enabled 3.5MW of electric production, setting new records for both flow and power output from an EGS.

Fervo is the first company to successfully drill a horizontal well pair for commercial geothermal production, achieving lateral lengths of 3,250 ft, and reaching temperatures of 191°C. Data collected through the course of this pilot prohject will enable rapid advancement in geothermal deployment, with Fervo’s next horizontal well pair planned to achieve more than double the power output of the pilot design.

Tim Latimer, Fervo Energy CEO and Co-Founder, said, “By applying drilling technology from the oil and gas industry, we have proven that we can produce 24/7 carbon-free energy resources in new geographies across the world. The incredible results we share today are the product of many years of dedicated work and commitment from Fervo employees and industry partners, especially Google.”

Fervo and Google signed the world’s first corporate agreement in 2021 to develop next-generation geothermal power. The end goal for the partnership is to power Google’s Cloud region in Las Vegas with an ‘always-on’, carbon-free resource that will reduce the company’s hourly reliance on fossil fuels.

Results from Project Red indicate that geothermal energy could supply more than 20% of US power needs and compliment wind and solar in order to reach a fully decarbonised grid.