Region: Gulf of Mexico
Content Types: Report
Date: Aug, 2023

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The global offshore well intervention market is set for a period of extended growth in light of stable oil prices forecast in the short-term, maintained oil demand in the medium- and possibly long-term, and ever-increasing environmental pressures.

Globally, spending on well intervention is on the rise with Rystad Energy predicting an increase by almost 20% in 2023 to take the total tally to US$58bn. This is just the start of a forthcoming surge with 17% of wells predicted to go through the intervention process by 2027.

North America accounts for 64% of the total wells ready for intervention by 2027, according to Rystad, giving rise to the dramatic potential of the market in the Gulf of Mexico. According to BSEE, there are approximately 1,885 active production platforms on the OCS with more than 60% older than 25 years.

This is leaving operators grappling with the need to maintain production rates while also dealing with ever-ageing infrastructure, with mounting regulatory pressure increasing the need to address decommissioning obligations. In facing this conundrum, an increasing amount of well intervention activity is highlighting the importance of this service as a means to address both sides.

As new technological innovations become more viable and the understanding around methods such as light well intervention build, the market will only advance in stature, suggesting it will finally meet the potential it has promised for so long, creating a tantalising future for the crowd of service and equipment providers offering their assistance.

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