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Content Types: Report
Date: Apr, 2023

Halliburton unconventional offshore completions

Halliburton, a leading provider of products and services to the energy industry, has announced the implementation of the Auto Pumpdown service within the company's hydraulic fracturing business which enables wireline and pump automation during unconventional completions operations.

The Auto Pumpdown service controls fluid pumps and a wireline unit as a single, fully automated, closed-loop system to maximise Halliburton’s plug and perforating performance and efficiency. The system executes operations to plan and optimises equipment operation for improved consistency.

The service enhances operations by automating tasks previously prone to human inconsistencies and reduces risk by providing prompt feedback to dynamic downhole conditions. These improved consistencies create more efficient operations and reduce required fluids for tool conveyance.

Chris Tevis, Vice President of Wireline and Perforating, Halliburton, commented, “Halliburton’s Auto Pumpdown service ushers in a new era of intelligent plug and perf operations that reduce risk while redefining the level of efficiency and consistency we provide our customers. The service reinforces our leadership in unconventional perforating services by minimising variability in operations, which helps avoid unnecessary and costly well interventions and simultaneously improves efficiencies.”

Multiple perforating crews in North America currently use Auto Pumpdown service. Here, it has demonstrated improved operating efficiencies, reduced fluid requirements, and reduced risk of unnecessary well interventions.

Halliburton will implement Auto Pumpdown service on its North America fleet through 2023 and beyond.