Topic: P&A

Reducing Uncertainty in Subsea Field Decommissioning

Region: Gulf of Mexico
Content Types: Whitepaper
Date: Jan, 2018


In an industry that demands savvy engineering and rapid advancements in technology, it is often far too easy to overlook the simplest approach to the path forward. As many of the technological “advancements” in the oil & gas industry will attest, simplicity simply never wins the spotlight. Now that older generations of subsea wells, PLETs, and manifolds are reaching the end of their 15 to 20 year design lives, decommissioning projects have started to earn their share of the yearly budget. Fortunately, decommissioning fields need not be costly or excessively challenging – and many of the lessons learned from brownfield deconstruction may lead to cost-savings in future developments… if simplicity can once again be seen for its elegance.

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