Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Apr, 2022

IKM Crew Offshore

IKM Testing UK, an independent integrated solutions provider, has been awarded a multi-year contract to deliver well integrity services across bp’s portfolio of North Sea assets.

The agreement – the first well services contract between the companies – comprises well integrity remediation services, which includes sustained casing pressure mitigation (SCP).

SCP is excessive pressure in any well annulus that requires regular bleed down and often can be managed during normal offshore operations, depending on the severity. It also requires remediation during P&A operations if not addressed during the normal well lifecycle.

This new contract looks to address the issue of SCP in a more permanent manner, reducing the requirement for continual management. Under the contract IKM will provide engineering, determination of applicable chemistry/methodology, and deployment of equipment and personnel offshore.

Work to remediate sustained casing pressure using a bespoke resin capable of being placed via gravity feed is expected to commence in 2022.

Mark Rasmusen, Director of International Division at IKM Testing commented, “This is an exciting award and provides the springboard for us to further grow and develop our well services offering.

“Sustained casing pressure can generally be managed offshore, however bp is looking for a solution that doesn’t require continual management by offshore personnel which not only reduces risk but also saves significant time and costs. We were selected as we provide an independent perspective and have the capabilities to carry out the full suite of engineering services from cradle to grave.

“We look forward to helping bp achieve its well integrity goals by determining and executing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.”

The contract also has future provision for supporting bp’s international assets with similar workscopes.