Topic: Intervention

Inspection Analysis of Sand Control

Region: North Sea
Content Types: Video
Date: Jul, 2019

This Video of the Month showcases how the application of SandVA, paired with Optis Infinity technology, helped the operator of a gas well to confirm the integrity of their asset and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
Sand control or sand management is estimated to be required in more than 50% of wells globally during their productive lives. The need arises in both conventional and unconventional wells with high rate gas production from unconsolidated sandstones reservoirs and flowback from hydraulically fractured wells providing common examples. In certain regions the use of slotted liners or sand screens to control sand production is widespread. In these locations production from unconsolidated sands would not be economically possible without their use.
A gas storage well operator in continental Europe required detailed assessment and visual confirmation of the condition of sand screens within the well. Sand control in this well is further complicated by frequently alternating periods of injection and production. Regulatory requirements entail periodically confirming the condition of sand screens and other downhole components.
EV’s Optis Infinity M125 tool was deployed on slickline with both downview and sideview video footage acquired over the entire well. Four screen sections with an average length of 6m (20 feet) were captured. The resulting images were subsequently visually inspected and measured to evaluate both erosion and plugging of the screens, to provide a quantitative evaluation of screen integrity and inflow performance.
Having demonstrated that the integrity of the screen was indeed intact, the operator satisfied the legislative requirements to continue operation of the well. The plugging of the base holes was noted, but the operator elected to take no further action at this time and would assess changes in the levels of plugging during subsequent inspections. From this time-lapse information a rate of change could be calculated to provide input for decision making on when to schedule wellbore and screen clean-up interventions. This quantified information provided by SandVA allows patterns and trends to be identified, helping diagnose the causes of problems and understand their severity. This information helps operators implement effective sand management programs, enabling them to maximize the performance and productive life of their assets.


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