Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Mar, 2022

Legasea workshop

Legasea has successfully secured funding from Scottish Enterprise to develop their 'Shore to Store' service, while creating green jobs.

The project will reduce the carbon footprint of subsea decommissioning operations, by taking subsea equipment that is no longer required, and finding routes to refurbish, recertify, remanufacture and reuse, keeping as many components as possible in use, with a projected annual carbon saving of 10,000 tonnes CO2. Legasea plans to invest UK£1.3mn (US$1.7mn), during the three year project, supported by a UK£187,950 (US$247,516) grant, to be received following the creation of at least six new green jobs.

The project is the conclusion of several years of research and planning conducted by Legasea, involving engagement with a wide range of operators and service companies in the subsea sector, to develop a service which benefits the industry environmentally and economically. Since establishing the company in 2018, Legasea have also consulted with a range of government and industry stakeholders, to ensure that the service is closely aligned with decommissioning and environmental policy, and the company has been awarded a SEPA Waste Management Licence, which permits Legasea to accept range of material, defined as waste, from subsea decommissioning operations.

Legasea workshop

Lewis Sim, Managing Director at Legasea, said, “We are grateful to have received this support from Scottish Enterprise to grow our team and assist with launching the Shore to Store service for the subsea sector. The reception that we have received from across the industry, since establishing the company, has been incredible, and we look forward to continued growth whilst reducing the environmental impact of subsea decommissioning.”

Managing Director of Business Services and Advice at Scottish Enterprise, Jane Martin said, “The Green Jobs Call was established to enable companies like Legasea to create green jobs and support a sustainable Scottish economy. It is great to see this subsea specialist based in Aberdeenshire provide employment opportunities in the North-East of Scotland and highlights the vitality and talent in the area that is driving energy transition.

“Legasea’s shore to store service, with an annual forecast reduction of 10,000 tonnes of CO2 through the process of reusing and recycling components is great news for the environment and the economy. The project also highlights the innovation taking place across the energy industry to transition to a cleaner, greener economy as we drive towards net zero targets too,” Martin added.