Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Feb, 2022

EDT Protea 1 FebN-Sea Group has signed a long-term vessel agreement with EDT Offshore for the EDT Protea, which has a strong track record in Subsea services in both AIR diving and ROV intervention works.

With its sleek design and DP3 capability, the advanced DP-3 Multi-Purpose Offshore Support Vessel is ideal for working in close proximity to assets. This, along with a 50t AHC crane, forms the perfect platform for total subsea solutions. The vessel holds a solid track record for continuous diving operations in the North Sea for many years.

N-Sea has taken significant steps of planned growth; creating a sound and healthy environment that warrants investments, establishes strong strategic partnerships, and sets the stage for long-term client relationships.

As well as the previously announced agreement with Geo Plus for the Geo Focus, the EDT Protea is one of the six vessels that N-Sea will have under full management and control. By having long term control over vessels, it allows N-Sea to provide safer, and more efficient, operations working with fully committed and integrated teams on board. Through the N-Sea dedicated vessel initiative N-Sea offers its clients a unique set of subsea solution capabilities fully supported by N-Sea’s own experts.

“I would like to congratulate and thank EDT Offshore on this unique opportunity, as it reconfirms N-Sea’s position as one of the most diverse companies in the subsea solution industry. We are creating a community of entrepreneurship, knowledge, experience, and innovation. The EDT Protea is an important tool in achieving this goal,” said N-Sea Group CEO Arno van Poppel.

"Together with our qualified and engaged staff we look forward to creating new and exciting opportunities further exploring existing and engaging in new long-term relationships with our valued clients, delivering the best optimised subsea solutions for them."

The parties will start their joint operations under the agreement in March 2022.