Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Nov, 2022

Jetting WebTreating and removing scale build-up within a tubing retrievable subsurface safety valve (TRSSSV) can be problematic, costly, and timely. For scale dissolvers to work effectively, they require extended soak periods to penetrate the scale.

To meet this problem, Oilenco has introduced the Oilenco Bullheading Jetting Sleeve which combines traditional soaking methods with a ‘jetting’ action, targeting scale dissolvers directly at critical components of the downhole safety valve, agitating the scale as well as soaking it?

Combining two tried and tested technologies, the new tool delivers optimum scale treatment results by using a repeated method of scale soak and targeted jetting.

Requiring minimal well intervention, this innovative product is designed to precisely target critical areas within the TRSSSV using a ‘jetting’ action to optimise distribution and efficacy of scale treatment. Designed with a minimum of two jet subs, the system is preconfigured to target key mechanical components within the TRSSSV before being deployed into the well on slickline.

Unique to the Bullheading Jetting Sleeve is the multi jet sub system. Each jet sub consists of an array of micro nozzles that create a 360⁰ jetting pattern. By positioning two or more jet subs at key locations within the safety valve (i.e. flow tube, exercise profile, flapper, etc.), scale dissolver can be precisely targeted at these critical areas.

Between each jet sub there is a flowrate sensing valve that directs fluid to either the upper or lower jet sub depending on the velocity of the fluid passing through it. When pumping stops, the jetting stops. When not jetting, the Bullheading Jetting Sleeve reverts to a conventional soak arrangement allowing the scale dissolver to soak into the scale. As soon as surface pumping is reintroduced, the jet subs become active and intense fluid agitation can recommence.

With constant replenishment of fluid, the system maximises performance of the scale dissolver in the most efficient time frame. Every drop of dissolver can be targeted at any critical area of the TRSSSV where scale build up could be affecting the functionality of the valve.

An ideal dual technology solution when scale build-up is identified as the likely cause of a TRSSSV not functioning, the Bullheading Jetting Sleeve (patent pending) is an innovative addition to the Oilenco safety valve management portfolio, re-establishing the integrity of a well and allowing operations to continue.

Oilenco Bullheading Jetting Sleeve within TRSSSV pp