Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Aug, 2022

Paradigm 1 aug

Paradigm’s e-Winch Technology, used by Archer aboard the Seafarer vessel in Norway, has received praises for playing an important part in significantly increasing well intervention efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions.

In 2020, Paradigm Technology Services B.V, a leader in oilfield technologies, delivered four NORSOK e-Winch units to Deepwell AS (now Archer AS) of Norway, for continuous operations aboard the Seafarer vessel.

Step changes in efficiency, performance and safety were core principles throughout the design and engineering phase, with the four double-drum units containing a wide range of Paradigm’s existing proprietary solutions as well as some new designs. Features such as dynamic breaking and constant speed control (taken from a suite of advanced winch control software options) have added significantly to the safety of vessel-based intervention operations, whilst the new ‘hands-off’ drum exchange system enable drums to be changed out safely without anyone ever being in the line of fire.

A wide range of operations have been performed with the e-Winch units, including plug and perforation, pre-P&A activities (plug setting, tubing punching/cutting), zonal isolations, production logging, injection logging, DHSV replacements, GLV changeouts and tubing/screen punching. Over the past year, the success of the whole Seafarer vessel has been notable and has been attracting industry attention having performed work on a large number of subsea wells within a short time frame.

The control options afforded by the e-Winch technology has helped significantly with the operational performance, with four winch control locations available to the team; a local hand-held remote control, a local deck mounted Zone 1 panel, a full control chair system with control panel with camera feedback situated in the vessel’s control room, and full remote operation from shore (or indeed anywhere worldwide).

William Ash, Managing Director of Paradigm Technology Services, said, “We are incredibly proud to be playing a small part in the success of the incredible Seafarer vessel. To fit such an amount of winch functionality into the restricted footprint was indeed a challenge, but with the great collaboration of all involved it has resulted in an excellent technical solution which is also helping drive down CO2 emissions with the all-electric e-Winch technology”.

Bendt Nybøe, Technical Lead Archer Husoy, added, “Due to the flexible set up, the easy rig up, the special safe drum change out systems, the advanced winch control software, the winches are performing even better and easier than we predicted.”