Topic: Intervention

Recovering Casing From Squeezing Formation

Region: North Sea
Content Types: Thought Leadership
Date: May, 2020

Ardyne’s toolbox approach creates a 62m window for open hole sidetrack, saving 14 days planned rig time

 This ‘engineered’ approach to cutting casing, combined with our TITAN® System delivered huge savings for a large North Sea operator;

  • FOUR planned milling trips at over 3000m MD avoided
  • EIGHT tonnes of potential swarf eliminated
  • FOURTEEEN days saved on the AFE -  compared with offset wells
  • 13 3/8” host casing left INTACT for slot recovery operations
  • ZERO jars fired, or large overpulls required from the rig

Ardyne’s approach of deploying TRIDENT [PrCu Ø] to confidently cut the 9 7/8” without damaging the 13 3/8” coupled with TITAN’s ability to jack the stuck casing from a squeezing formation that has been likened to “good quality cement” by independent experts, provided the optimum solution for our client - read our newest case study to find out more.