Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Mar, 2022

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Spirit Energy Production UK Ltd. has awarded Heerema Marine Contractors a contract for removal and disposal services of the operator’s North Sea decommissioning portfolio.

The EPRD (engineering, preparations, removal, and disposal) contract includes both firm work and optional scope that can be called-off by the client. Heerema Marine Contractors will lead its part of the work out of its offices in Leiden (NL) and London (UK). Heerema will cooperate with DeepOcean, the subsea asset removal contractor, to deliver the safe and sustainable decommissioning of the platforms.

The firm scope involves the EPRD of the Audrey A, Audrey B and Ensign platforms, while the optional work includes an additional five platforms in the southern North Sea region of the UK and Dutch sectors.

Following a joint tender submitted in cooperation with DeepOcean Subsea Services Limited, both firms have secured contracts that will be executed under a tripartite collaboration agreement.

Heerema’s scope is to remove and recycle the platform topsides and substructures, while DeepOcean will be responsible for removing and recycling all subsea assets at the relevant fields. The combined weight of the firm scope topsides and jackets is around 7000 metric tons, and will be recycled in the UK. The platforms are located between 23-26 metres of water.

Heerema’s Decommissioning Director, Michel Hendriks, commented, “Decommissioning North Sea platforms is an important component within Heerema’s portfolio, and we are proud to be Spirit Energy’s chosen contractor for the topside and substructure scope. We are also looking forward to working alongside DeepOcean and their team to deliver the safe and sustainable removal of the Audrey A, Audrey B, and Ensign platforms.”