Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Aug, 2022

Stena Drilling Petrofac Independent drilling contractors, Stena Drilling, has introduced a new well delivery and decommissioning service, Stena Wells, with the aim of combining the renowned drilling contractors with an experienced team of well delivery experts with promises of consistently providing their clients with safe, cost-effective and predictable outcomes.

The vision laid out by the company is to join forces with a pre-constructed team to deliver and execute all client expectations. Previously, operators will source external well construction and decommissioning activities, with the team having to familiarise themselves with the rig and the internal operations. By having a team already formed with the predetermined understanding of how operations are delivered, Stena Wells wants to remove that learning curve to enable a focused approach to operations.

In a video posted on their LinkedIn, director of Stena Wells, Dillan Perras, said, “Stena Wells comprises of two main elements; these are the building blocks of what we are trying to do. The first building block is Stena Drilling, a well renowned, international drilling contractor. The second part of the offering is the Stena Wells engineering team that brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, capabilities and competence. Stena Wells will provide the planning, the permitting, engineering, notification, construction or decommissioning of any well stock.”