Topic: Intervention

Sustained Casing Pressure

Region: North Sea
Content Types: Whitepaper
Date: May, 2018

We are situated on a platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. During pressure bleed-off of the annulus, both gas and oil-like fluid has been observed. The situation is unwanted and it can potentially escalate without remedial work. We are called out to reestablish the integrity of the oil producing well.

The last couple of months we have covered several topics within the Well integrity, and I believe around ten articles have been elaborating around subjects related to sustained casing pressure (SCP).

Today I’ll like to share with you a case history within a SCP application.

Several of our articles have focused on the importance of doing proper planning before mobilization. I hope this story will give you good insight into how we execute all stages in operation from designing a suitable solution, recipe design, execution and to end of well reporting.


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