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Date: Feb, 2022

PDG unit testing

The Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's national economic development agency, has given UK£765,000 to Worley, a global provider of project and asset services in the energy, chemical and resources sectors, for full pre-production testing of its pseudo dry gas (PDG) liquid removal system.

Worley’s Enhanced Subsea Gas Tieback Project reduces operational CO2 emissions in gas fields by more than 90%, while increasing technical and commercial viability.

The technology removes the need for topsides and costly compression by reducing back pressure in the pipeline and the shape of the resistance curve. This reduces the associated high carbon emissions and allows for greater tie-back distances.

Andy McDonald, Head of Low Carbon Transition at Scottish Enterprise, commented, “As the energy industry strives towards sustainability, it’s important to support solutions that enable decarbonisation. The pseudo dry gas technology developed by the Worley team in Aberdeen and supported by Scottish Enterprise will contribute to lower carbon emissions across industrial processes.”

Worley’s pre-production testing will build upon the first prototype which was created and tested in 2020. The scope includes the fabrication of a large-scale unit, a magnetic drive subsea pump, and a supporting subsea control system. These are being tested as a system under pressures of more than 130 bar over the expected operational envelope, with a variety of hydrocarbon fluids.

Ahead of this project, Worley conducted several techno-economic concept field studies for various operators. These studies demonstrated the system’s improved recovery levels compared to competing technology, due to efficiency gains within a tie-back. The studies also showed that upstream CO2 emissions are reduced by the elimination of compression-based systems.

“Driving lower carbon technologies to help our customers is aligned with our purpose of delivering a more sustainable world,” said Andrew Berryman, Group President of Technology Solutions at Worley, “It’s significant that PDG has been identified by industry and government bodies as an enabler for emissions reduction and look forward to expanding its use in industry.”