Section One – Changing Market Dynamics

  • Discover how offshore well intervention is changing in Western Australia, looking at current operator movement to optimise project planning
  • Discuss the impact of Australia’s changing well intervention supply chain and how this can impact efficient project planning moving forward
  • Explore the effect new technologies can have in navigating the current market and their role increasing well intervention activity in the future

Section Two – Collaboration and Resources

  • Debate how collaboration between operators can help expand their scope of work and improve well intervention economics
  • Hear about the technologies currently being utilised in the region and learn where technology gaps may bean issue for future projects
  • Identify the best methods for well intervention in deepwater wells, creating a strategy for future subsea campaigns

Section Three – Vessel Movement in Australia

  • Analyse change in vessel movement across the region to help strategise for projects moving forward in 2022
  • Understand the benefits of using RLWI for subsea projects to ensure efficiencies across upcoming interventions
  • Sharenew riserless subsea well intervention and vessel technology to see how this can optimise your future intervention campaigns in Western Australia

Section Four – Importance of Well Integrity

  • Hear how implementing integrated service solutions throughout the Australian region could benefit the economics of future campaigns
  • Recognise the benefits of preventive maintenance and how this can reduce the need for corrective maintenance, making well integrity more cost efficient
  • When defining budgets for well integrity projects, consider the need to secure equipment from other regions to support integrity projects in Australia

Section Five – Decommissioning Today

  • Access current updates on regulations and liability status for upcoming decommissioning projects to ensure you’re prepared as more wells enter the end of life stage
  • Review the scope of P&A in Australia, and how to define strategies for upcoming projects toensure efficient decommissioning delivery
  • Discover the new technologies helping to generate more cost effective P&A projects in mature oil fields