Exceed urge for a carbon zero future after OWI Awards 2022 win

Independent well management, Exceed, has claimed the coveted Environmental Sustainability Innovation award at this year’s OWI Awards 2022.

“First and foremost I’d like to say a huge congratulations to all our fellow nominees and thanks to the Offshore Network for the opportunity to shore and celebrate continuous improvements within our sector – despite all the recent headwinds,” said Managing Director, Ian Mills.

The importance of environmental sustainability is paramount within the oil and gas industry, with companies striving to reduce their carbon footprint and take a proactive stance in regards to climate action. Exceed went above and beyond with its carbon neutral well operations, supporting clients to maximise the recovery and extend the productive life cycle of their assets. In doing so, it will reduce their carbon intensity while enabling the energy transition to carbon zero.

Wishing to become the global leader of integrated well management and energy transformation, Exceed is looking to increase its portfolio while also ensuring the smoothest transition to a carbon-free industry.

“2023 will bring many more opportunities to clean up our energy supply and reduce the carbon intensity, decommission old wells, deliver more carbon offset wells and increase our vessel-based decommissioning portfolio from 12 to 30 wells,” Mills commented. “Thanks for recognising one small step in a better direction.”