New Features for OWI EU 2023:


Breakout Session: North Sea Decommissioning


Consult an Operator


Dedicated Drinks Reception


Offshore Network's 10th Birthday Celebration

  • Breakout Session: North Sea Decommissioning - Join our exclusive closed door session designed to assemble the decommissioning supply chain to share knowledge and bridge technology gaps to tackle the monumental challenge of decommissioning the increasing well stock of ageing assets
  • Consult an Operator - Hear an overview of a current challenge operators are facing then book in a dedicated closed-door slot to pitch your solution for the specific issue being encountered

Operators Participating:

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  • Dedicated Drinks Reception - Utilise the opportunity to network with the 350+ well intervention delegates by attending our open bar on the first day of the conference. This is your opportunity to forward your business development efforts and learn from your colleagues in a more intimate setting
  • Our Exclusive Networking Drinks Reception Sponsor:

  • Offshore Network's 10th Birthday Celebration - Join us to celebrate our 10th birthday in Aberdeen for an evening of prizes, drinks and a raffle as we thank the European well intervention community for their continued support for our global portfolio of conferences


Section One - The Current Market: Philosophies, Projects & Standardisation

  • Explore why current market dynamics have shifted the focus to drilling new wells and what this renewed focus means for well intervention to determine current operator philosophies
  • Hear an overview of operators' 2023 campaign schedules to ensure your current technology offerings and those in development match the current market needs
  • Understand the value of operators and suppliers collaborating to build standardised tooling that matches the requirements of well stock online to reduce lead times and how to measure initial CAPEX against future production capabilities

Section Two - Well Stock Management: Production Protection & Enhancement

  • Access case studies from the latest LWI wireline, injections, thru tubing and digitalisation intervention projects to gain key learnings
  • Understand the successes that have been achieved by integrating innovative technologies and why a proactive approach to integration is key to achieving these benefits
  • Discover key methods operators and the supply chain can employ to increase the level of interventions to meet the regulators' target of maximising economic recovery

Section Three - Well Integrity: Maintaining Ageing Assets & Mitigating Risk

  • Understand why ageing assets in the North Sea and West of Shetland have driven the increase in well integrity project levels to understand the value of building and planning proactive well integrity campaigns
  • Analyse the latest technologies for tackling degradation and eliminating leakage such-as additive manufacturing lightweight gates, sustaining casing pressure between the annuli's and enhanced barrier equipment
  • Review the opportunities for operators with common industry issues related to well integrity and understand what interventions are providing the best returns

Section Four - P&A and Decommissioning: The Value of Joining Forces

  • Access the latest P&A and decommissioning projects to access the developments in the industry’s understanding for rigless P&A’s, the role of vessels and downhole complexities unique to the operating environment of the North Sea and West of Shetland
  • Hear from operators and suppliers who have participated in multi-operator P&A campaigns that are both operator and supply chain led to understand the evolving best practices and commercial transformation occurring
  • Explore how the regulator and industry bodies are aiding the industry in reducing costs for decommissioning and P&A campaigns through collaboration

Section Five - Carbon Capture Storage: The Here & Now

  • Access the latest intelligence on research completed throughout the European market regarding carbon capture storage to access a clear business case for reviewing your asset portfolio for applicability
  • Understand the current status of carbon capture in the North Sea by hearing from operators and the NSTA on the first licencing round and preparations to submit for injection permits
  • Explore how and why the geological and operational environment in the North Sea and West of Shetlands may lead to regulators having specific injection permit requirements

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