Mediterranean Well Intervention Market Overview & Forecast

  • Market Overview of Well Intervention: Access an overview of the latest approaches, including coiled tubing & wireline techniques, to ensure that your strategies are best placed for the upcoming scope of work
  • Widespread Digitalisation: Understand how digitalisation roadmaps are evolving with the use of machine learning & AI to increase efficiency in all operations across all phases of the well lifecycle
  • Regulation in the Mediterranean: Hear about current regulations in the Mediterranean & the collaboration that takes place between regulators & international oil companies

Well Integrity

  • Preventive Maintenance: Analyse the techniques used to recognise structural damage to ageing wells and how to implement an effective & cost efficient preventive plan for future well upkeep
  • Standardised Processes: Create a best practice process to protect the integrity of the well to ensure its continuous operation
  • Corrosion of Assets: Understand the process of evaluating existing pipelines/casing & tubing which may be corroded & need replacing, while understanding the safety implications if problems are not addressed

Production Enhancement

  • Production Enhancement Approaches: Explore the use of surface multiphase pumping technologies, gas boosting, as well as chemical & water injections that enhance oil recovery
  • Economic Advantages: Study how best practice production enhancement can significantly benefit operators by removing the need to drill new wells and utilising ageing wells to maximise their production capacity
  • Sand Control: Analyse the methods for minimising sand production to reduce the risk of clogging and the operational and economic effects this has on damaged equipment down the well and premature replacement of fixtures
  • Wax Management: Explore the methods used to prevent or restore wax deposition to reduce flow assurance challenges

P&A and Decommissioning

  • P&A Technologies & Approaches: Explore new technologies & approaches which help to generate more cost effective methods of completing P&A projects
  • Deepwater Abandonment: Hear case studies on well abandonments in comparable deepwater landscapes to understand how different approaches can be applied within the Mediterranean
  • Effects of Pressure Issues on P&A: Understand why pressure issues in a well can lead to wells being prematurely closed off due to production levels and the best methods to avoid this

Well Intervention Case Studies

  • Workover Operations: Explore multiple workover strategies to learn how different intervention methods can increase efficiency and safety whilst reducing costs
  • Planning for Well Intervention Campaigns: Review the steps taken to plan for well intervention campaigns including acquiring a LWI vessel & the logistical challenges that arise
  • Transferrable Techniques in Other Regions: Hear exclusive case studies on projects undertaken in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the North Sea, that have applicable methods that can be utilised in the Mediterranean

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