Day 1: December 1st, 2021

08:50: Chair’s Opening Remarks

Paul Markwell, Executive Advisor, Incture Technologies

Section One: Change Management & Data

1. 09:00: Achieving Long-term Competitiveness Through Digital Innovation

  • An overview of BloombergNEF's Digital Innovation Rankings which scores the largest integrated oil companies on their activities to date and potential for future innovation
  • A framework for understanding the digitalization approaches of companies
  • Case studies indicating trends across company ambition, partnerships and revenue streams

Stephanie Diaz, Technology & Innovation Analyst, BloombergNEF

2. 09:30: Digital Transformation in the Upstream Energy Transition

  • The energy transition involves improving energy usage efficiencies; Reducing waste and GHG emissions; implementing carbon capture measures; and increasing the use of renewables
  • The upstream industry has good technical capabilities to deliver significant positive outcomes for the energy transition
  • Specific examples will be presented for how each of these challenges are being or can be met

David Hartell, Director - Developments, Operations & Production, Stellae Energy

3. 10:00: Data Governance Enabling Digitalisation

  • Review a detailed showcase of the necessity and value of a data-centric approach for upstream organisations that keeps your data healthy and increase efficiency
  • Consider an open dialog for collaborating on data governance with the goal of forwarding progress on digital transformation projects essential for the energy sector
  • Realise the benefits of becoming a digitally savvy organisation and how to upscale & upskill from successful pilots to increase your understanding of applied data governance

Matthias Hartung, Specialist Data Governance, Digital & Technology, Wintershall Dea

10:30: Networking Coffee Break in the Technology Showcase Hall

4. 11:00: Preparing our People for Tomorrow

  • Understand how new ways of thinking are every bit as important as the technology you’re using with expert examples of digital transformation
  • Consider moving from a project centric approach to a product centric approach and how this can help you achieve your transformation goals
  • Analyse Aker BP’s exemplary example of ‘new ways of working’ through competence development that highlights how effective change management can be utilised in your organisation

Prashant Kumar Soni, Digital Strategist – Concept development & Technology, Aker BP

5. 11:30: The Importance of Foundational Master Data in Driving Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • See how the industry is progressing on Scopes One and Two emissions, but also identify the size and complexity of Scope Three emissions to build an effective plan
  • Understand the role of the Petroleum Industry Data eXchange to monitor emmissions, however also note the immediate and relatively straight-forward things we can all do to address this issue
  • Review the practical examples of how companies can simultaneously improve their bottom, top- and green-lines though digital transformation

Tom Cave, Emissions Transparency Data eXchange Working Group, PIDX

6. 12:00: Case Study - Digitalising Workflow Across Partners

  • Today process of handling well construction information between the Operators drilling program and all parties involved in the drilling operations is urgently in need of modernization
  • Through close collaborations with leading Operators, Maersk Drilling has developed and deployed a first-of-a-kind digital offering, that provides the drilling program information across to involved teams from both Drilling Contractor, Operator and Service Companies – offshore and onshore – directly connecting front-line rig crew with the required instructions to drive efficient rig operations
  • The Drilling Process Platform (DPP) offering provides improving coordination, preparedness, communication, and transparency both on- and offshore, and is a steppingstone for further digitalization and efficiency gains in drilling operations

Esben Thorup, Head of Digital Innovation, Maersk Drilling

12:30: Networking Lunch Break in the Technology Showcase Hall

7. 14:00: Setting Up Data for Digital Success

  • Too many digital transformation programmes and projects end up stranded on the rocks of bad data, such as materials, asset and supply chain data. This session will look at the consequences of bad materials master data and how to apply new methodologies
  • Traditionally, cleaning up that data is a task that is seen as never-ending, with few or no resources dedicated to it, and as a result, the issue festers and is never resolved – discover how to correct this challenge
  • Reduce the risk of failure by utilizing machine learning and AI to attack the problem systematically – giving you successful, sustainable, and fast delivery of results in terms of higher service levels, lower costs of procurement and inventory, reduced working capital, and higher productivity

Len Pannett, Managing Director, Visagio

8. 14:30: Change, Data, and Technology

  • Discuss how cultural change must be at the heart of new transformation ventures and how the correct incentives must be in place to encourage people to change the way they work
  • Consider how to scout and test new technology with enhanced external collaboration paving the way to for meaningful change to how your business works
  • Continue the discussion on how broader cooperation in the energy sector is still needed to acknowledge failed experiments as well as celebrating successes

James Elgenes, Manager Subsurface Data & Information, Equinor

15:00: Networking Coffee Break in the Technology Showcase Hall

9. 15:30: Panel Discussion: Energy Transition, Leveraging Data & Digitalisation to Measure & Control What Matters

  • Transfer existing upstream assets towards low carb/net-zero, thereby remaining competitive and attractive to stakeholders while meeting expectations on sustainable resource management
  • Understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals and your organisation, as an operator or supplier, can keep on top of targets while reducing costs and increasing profitability
  • Take a closer look at the role of oil and gas in driving to a renewable future and your companies role transforming the energy sector

Moderator: Neil Golding, Director of Market Intelligence, Energy Industries Council

Prashant Kumar Soni, Digital Strategist – Concept development & Technology, Aker BP

Stephanie Diaz, Technology & Innovation Analyst, BloombergNEF

Ole Fredrik Bergseth, Director, DataGumbo

David Hartell, Director - Developments, Operations & Production, Stellae Energy

16:30: Chair’s Closing Remarks

Paul Markwell, Executive Advisor, Incture Technologies

16:40: Networking Drinks Reception in the Technology Showcase Hall

18:00: Close of Day One

Day 2: December 2nd, 2021

08:50: Chair’s Opening Remarks

Paul Markwell, Executive Advisor, Incture Technologies

Section Two: Case Studies

10. 09:00: Panel Session: So Far So Good? – Lessons Learnt and Future Ambitions

  • Review the gains of both operators and service companies to bridge technology gaps and implement digital solutions
  • Understand how human actors impact technology adoption and how this can be addressed with owner/supplier collaboration
  • Outline the core knowledge and process gaps that are most pressing and discuss how these can be bridged to offer seamless digital transformation

Moderator: Paul Markwell, Executive Advisor, Incture

Esther Diederen, People & Process Transformation Lead, Spirit Energy

Len Pannett, Managing Director, Visagio

Enrico Saperdi, Technical Director, Wellsite

11. 10:00: Data Integration between Upstream, Development, Exploration and Wells

  • Gain understanding on how to make multi-department data integration tangible and give equal shared insights between teams that improves efficiency for all stakeholders
  • Break down silos within your business to ensure increased collaboration that maximises your resources and return on investment for data centric solutions
  • Enable closure of The Deming Circle by understanding the fundamentals in a practical and applied environment relating to data integration across your upstream departments

Stef Jacobs, Upstream Digital Project Manager, Shell

10:30: Networking Coffee Break in the Technology Showcase Hall

12. 11:00: Three years into the Digital Journey; What have we learned?

  • Review Spirit Energy’s digital journey so far
  • Takeaway key lessons learnt and how these can be applied to offer a more effective digital transformation programme
  • Hear answers to pressing questions raised from Spirit Energy’s experience thus far

Esther Diederen, People & Process Transformation Lead, Spirit Energy

13. 11:30: Case Study: Remote Collaboration in Virtual Field Trips – Application of Immersive Technologies to Multidisciplinary Team Integration

  • Understand how working in immersive insights can be utilized for upstream oil and gas applications and is essential for Geologists
  • Rebuilding organisational capabilities: avoid losing experience and knowledge when restructuring by utilizing remote VR to help deliver scaled training throughout your organisation
  • Utilize cross-functional collaboration to bring together teams virtually and leverage expertise from multiple organisations

Claudia Ruiz- Graham, CEO, Imaged Reality

14. 12:00: How Contextualization of Well Operations Data is the Driver for Enhanced Decision-Making

  • Ensuring real-time data is collected in a standardized way with high quality has been a constant battle in our industry for decades. But are we close to achieving this today?
  • Digital transformation efforts have started breaking silos, and now contextualized data adds a new layer of insight to well operations
  • Kongsberg is hard at work for the well operations stakeholders of tomorrow. The latest generation of solutions are delivering value to a wide group of stakeholders whiles reducing admin and configuration overhead

Stian Skjaevesland, Global Commercial Director – Digital Wells, Kongsberg Digital

12:30: Chair’s Closing Remarks

Paul Markwell, Executive Advisor, Incture Technologies

12:35: Networking Lunch Break in the Technology Showcase Hall

14:00: Close of Day One


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