Region: Asia Pacific
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Date: Aug, 2022

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In October, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be host to the Asia Pacific offshore community, the upcoming Decommissioning & Abandonment Asia Pacific Workshop 2022 (D&A APAC), where the offshore community will gather to review the region’s decommissioning landscape and develop cost effective decommissioning strategies for future campaigns.

Among the wide range of presentations and panel discussions currently being prepared for the conference, Abdul Halim Ab Hamid, Decommissioning & Abandonment (D&A) Executive, Group Project Delivery, Project Delivery & Technology, at Petronas Carigali will explore one of the most tantalising prospects within the abandonment space – sustainable artificial reefing.

Rig to Reef, as it is often known, is a practice well established in jurisdictions such as the Gulf of Mexico but is often disregarded or simply underutilised in other regions around the globe.

The representative from Petronas Carigali at D&A APAC will discuss Rig to Reef as a sustainable repurpose concept and showcase it as a potential strategy for decommissioning planning.

Abdul Halim Bin Ab Hamid Petronas Carigali

He will seek to explain the effectiveness and sustainability of Rig to Reef as a programme by establishing reefing guidelines via reef design and reefing engineering parameters, marine environmental considerations and pollution prevention plans.

Finally, he will help attendees to maximise the recovery value from materials to be refurbished and prevent value leakage from waste via material inventories classification for reefing.

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