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  • Date: May, 2024

Thunder Cranes coiled tubing supportWorking for a prominent energy company, offshore lifting solutions provider Thunder Cranes offered mobilising its small-footprint, portable modular crane on a small supply vessel to the work site. 

After reaching the site, it can be rigged up, load tested, and prepared for lifting operations, all in a day, rather than going with the costly option of a barge or vessel crane, which can also render ineffectual. 

While the project involved challenges from limited deck space to heavy lifting requirements, Thunder Cranes was well-equipped to tackle them with its compact, hydraulic powerpack/prime mover, TC20 stiff leg crane with a 60-ft boom length, and a 'self-lifting' package of TC's proprietary. 

The choices of equipment and services by Thunder Cranes were reached post a thorough assessment of the client's lifting requirements, platform drawings, general specifications, and project timelines. This was followed by a site visit for verification, which became the basis for practical solutions. 

Optimising logistics, enhancing uptime 

The energy company required solutions with their offshore coiled tubing operations that involved the lifting of their CTU equipment onto their offshore platform which only had a small jib crane of 1.8-ton capacity, while the coiled tubing reel itself weighed 16 tons. Thunder Crane's modern approach with its portable-modular crane technology instead of the traditional large vessel or barge crane helped its client to optimise their logistics and enhance project uptime, while maintaining a high level of safety and cost-effectiveness.



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