Expro, a leading provider of energy services, has successfully deployed its Octopoda annulus intervention system to restore annulus pressure integrity and return a well to production in Colombia.

The Octopoda system reached 300 meters in the annulus, a world record depth, and sealed the C annulus of the well ‒ thus removing the risk of casing collapse and gas migration to enable the well to produce and significantly extend its production lifespan.

Alistair Geddes, Expro's Chief Operating Officer, said, “Everyone at Expro is proud of this outstanding achievement and the team's extraordinary performance to reach new depths. Not only is it Expro's first venture into the Latin American market using the Octopoda system, but a world first.”

“Octopoda is already proving itself as an innovative and cost-effective solution for solving well integrity issues across the industry. It enables our customers to prolong their well lifespan, making it economically viable to regain production from shut-in wells.”

The value-added intervention operation was completed at a cost that was estimated to be approximately 25% less than the cost of a conventional workover rig-enabled repair and the operation resulted in significantly lower carbon emissions than the conventional alternative.

Octopoda removed the need for a heavy workover rig to allow controlled circulation of annular fluids and the installation of a resin plug at the external casing shoe depth. This successfully sealed the annulus and enabled production to be resumed from the wellbore.

Utilising a unique design, Octopoda is deployed on annulus inlets, removing workover rig requirements, offering an alternative that can be rapidly deployed across all types of installations, onshore and offshore, to maximise operational uptime while reducing overall HSE exposure.

“Expro’s recent success with Octopoda shows the capabilities of this truly unique technology and our ability to optimise and expand the life of the growing number of aging wells around the world,” Geddes added.

“Octopoda is the latest example of Expro’s commitment to investing in innovation, developing new technologies and working towards reducing our own and our clients’ carbon footprint.”