Region: Middle East
Content Types: Report
Date: Sep. 2021

Tendeka Brad Baker. for OffsnetGlobal completions specialist Tendeka has secured more than US$30mn worth of international contracts within the last quarter, for implementation over the next three years.

This is in addition to long-term work it has secured with operators for its swellable packers and sand and inflow control technologies across key energy hubs, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), North Sea and Australasia.

Tendeka is also delivering its first significant FloSure autonomous inflow control devices (AICDs) campaign in the USA, following a successful trial earlier this year.

To support the inflow control of wells, Tendeka has installed more than 50,000 FloSure AICDs around the world. The field adjustable FloSure AICDs preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well, leading to greater recovery, lower water cuts and less gas production.

Deployed as part of the lower completion using zonal isolation packers to divide the reservoir into compartments, the AICD can be integrated with sand control screens for soft formations.

Tendeka’s SwellRight Swellable Packers provide a permanent packer solution suitable for many applications where a pressure seal or zonal isolation is required.

Brad Baker, CEO at Tendeka, said, “To secure a number of multi-year, international agreements is always satisfying, but even more so with what the industry has been going through over the last 18 months. It has been an uncertain time for the sector, but due to the hard work of our team and our investment in technology, we have forged even stronger relationships with our global customers to enhance their operations.

“These wins for our sand and inflow control technology cements our position in the market as the industry leader of inflow control technology.”

Tendeka is also the developer of the PulseEight dynamic downhole reservoir management system, which is the world’s first re-deployable wireless completion with control, power, monitoring and communications already on board.