Region: Middle East
Content Types: Video
Date: Feb, 2017

This Video of the Month is from a well in the Middle East. The operator utilized EV’s Optis™ HD Memory camera to inspect the flow tube and flapper valve condition of a surface-controlled safety valve. Earlier intervention work had resulted in the need to fish tools at the valve but now the functionality of the valve was in question. There was communication across the valve but there was no access through it.

First, the operator decided to run a Lead Impression Block, which returned to surface with a half-moon shape impression. After seeing the impression, the Operator was not satisfied the results were conclusive and wanted a visual answer to identify what the obstruction was down hole.

EV were called in as an urgent service to give a clear answer. EV’s Optis™ HD colour memory camera capable of capturing 30 frames per second for up to 4 hours was deployed on Slickline to investigate. Once the camera program had completed, tools were pulled out of hole, footage was quickly downloaded and all soon became apparent.

The video shows the tubing had parted just below the DHSV. The camera exits the upper section of parted tubing and continues to run in. 4m below, the lower section of the parting can be seen, answering the half-moon shape on the LIB. With the assistance of the collapsible bowspring centralizers, the 1 11/16” OD toolstring was able to re-enter the lower section of tubing and continued to run in a further few meters.

While Pulling out of hole the camera exits the lower section of parting and re-enters the upper section of tubing capturing the DHSV components found to be in good condition.

The quick reaction from call-out to wellsite for EV to run EV their Optis™ Memory Camera allowed a definitive answer to the problem downhole in a matter of hours, saving the operator vital time & cost from making further unnecessary runs in hole, instead allowing them to plan ahead for the problem at hand.


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