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Date: June, 2022

A BiSN Deployment 7

BiSN, a leading supplier of sealing solutions and technology to the global oil and gas industry, has reached a significant milestone after completing its 300th deployment, helping operators around the world to effectively solve common downhole flow issues.

The operations were carried out on six continents (Australia, The Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia) and took place in a range of challenging conditions and location; onshore, offshore, high temperature or high pressure.

By providing critical production enhancement, intervention, completion, and plug and abandonment services, using its patented Wel-lok sealing technology, BiSN reduced costs, improved production, and dramatically extended the life of hundreds of wells.

By working with specially developed chemical reaction heaters to carefully melt unique bismuth-based eutectic alloys into plugs, BiSN developed its Wel-lok technology to create a bismuth plug that is not only safer, but much more reliable and easier to deploy. It makes it possible to form a gas tight (v0) seal and with a density that is 10 times higher than water it effectively displaces all wellbore fluids.

Paul Carragher, CEO of BiSN said, “As operators strive to address downhole flow issues safely, increasing production while reducing costs, we have made it our mission to help them achieve this. We have the extensive real world experience in applying this method. As a result of carrying out more than 300 deployments globally, we know how to successfully use our technology to complete operations aimed at enhancing production, completions, plug and abandonment, and intervention. These jobs represent operations carried out for many repeat customers, illustrating the value and confidence they continue to place in our work.”

To help operators tackle complex challenges downhole, BiSN draws upon its varied experience and services. These range from shutting off water production and isolating zones to setting a gas-tight plug, repairing damaged casing or tubing, and permanently sealing multiple annuli, among others.

While the company continues to provide downhole sealing solutions to new and existing customers in the US, Canada and Australia, BiSN is actively expanding in Europe and Africa and has recently opened an office in Aberdeen.