Region: Africa
Content Types: Report
Date: Dec, 2023

GSI KES global expansion

Gulfstream Services Inc. (GSI), an oilfield rental services company, has formed a partnership with Kontinental Energy Services (KES) to provide rental tool equipment and services for jobs in the African oil and gas industry.

Bobby Bond, GSI Chief Executive Officer, remarked, “We are excited about being aligned with the management of KES and bringing quality equipment and solutions to the African continent. Our 45 years of industry experience, solid reputation and solutions-based approach is something we feel will ensure our success going forward.” 

The partnership will facilitate a more robust approach for providing the right tools to get jobs completed to the highest level of quality, safety and performance for energy services companies and international, major, national and independent oil and gas companies across the continent.

Bond added, “We believe the growth potential in the Eastern Hemisphere will be robust for many years. This partnership, along with our recent expansions into Asia Pacific and the Middle East show our commitment to this part of the world.”

The suite of rental tools and equipment include (but not limited to):
• A complete line of high-pressure standard services, H2S Services Chiksan Equipment;
• Low pressure piping and hoses;
• Cargo boxes, baskets and custom designed racks for operators and services companies;
• Restraint system to restrict movement of temporary flow iron in the event of an unplanned release of pressure;
• Full-service 3rd party iron management programme that helps keep customer-owned asset pumping at peak performance;
• Cementing, coil-tubing; HWO and flowback support packages;
• Spool & gate valves. 

KES and GSI are also planning to build workstation hubs in Africa for proactive maintenance of equipment and training of all service technicians in respective countries. The first of these will be built in Congo/Angola and will support activities in the nations as well as in Namibia, South Africa, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. 

"We are confident in the partnership with KES to expand our footprint in Africa, and we anticipate GSI to bring much innovation and technology to service operators throughout those areas with our full array of rental services and equipment," concluded Bond.

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