Region: West Africa
Content Types: Report
Date: May, 2022


Havfram, a Norwegian oil field equipment supplier recently announced that PC Mauritania 1 Pty Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, has awarded Havfram an offshore decommissioning contract.

The contract includes the provision of engineering, procurement, retrieval and disposal (EPRD) services for the abandonment and decommissioning of Subsea Facilities at Chinguetti and Banda Fields, offshore Mauritania, in March 2022.

“The PETRONAS Chinguetti and Banda EPRD project is another significant project award for Havfram in the Africa region. This is one of four projects Havfram has been awarded in Africa and the Mediterranean in the last 12 months, further enhancing our already strong track record in the region. We are proud to have been chosen by PETRONAS to meet their decommissioning needs in this field,” said Odd Strømsnes, CEO, Havfram.

Under the contract, Havfram will utilise its in-house expertise to project manage, engineer, retrieve and dispose of the remaining field infrastructure, having already executed the first phase of decommissioning operations in 2018.

“Our focus on risk mitigation and efficient execution solutions has seen us selected by Petronas once again as the perfect partner for decommissioning operations,” said Kevin Murphy, EVP Subsea and Deputy CEO, Havfram. “Havfram has consistently delivered a range of subsea projects across the continent for our clients, and we look forward to renewing our working partnership with Petronas’ Chinguetti and Banda team.”