Region: Asia Pacific
Content Types: Report
Date: Mar, 2022

MR OTC 22 March

MR Deepwater Subsea LLC, part of the MR Group of companies, and Offshore Technical Compliance (OTC) LLC, have announced a formal collaboration between both companies to create a one-stop-shop for real time monitoring, digital pressure testing and BOP compliance services.

Through the global office network of the MR Group, OTC services are now available worldwide. The MR Group forms an independent centre of excellence, focused on improving the integrity of drilling rigs and helping clients enhance value of their wells across the well lifecycle. OTC is an industry leader in predictive digital pressure testing.

Mike Fry, Director of MR Deepwater Subsea, explained, “The collaboration with OTC is important for our clients. OTC is the ideal partner to offer our clients an integrated package of real time monitoring, digital pressure testing and BOP compliance services – all under one contract.”

OTC has developed their unique Greenlight digital pressure testing tool, which does not require benchmark testing to get a reliable test outcome but uses algorithms for predictions, which is BSEE-approved. The software and related equipment can be used for any type of pressure testing including surface and subsea well control equipment, inflow testing, casing tests, control lines, MPD equipment, and risers. Maintaining a very small footprint and with the ability to be operated remotely, the system can also capture multiple tests simultaneously.

The collaboration will help in building knowledge regarding inspection and testing data, equipment failure and wear & tear patterns which are unmatched in the industry. The worldwide office and resource network of the MR Group means OTC services are now truly available worldwide using a global pool of experts.

“The collaboration creates efficiencies for our clients, not only through a one-stop-shop but also in personnel on board,” OTC CEO Michael Bethea noted. “It also adds further digital technology development resources to the MR Group portfolio. We are excited about the future and our ability to add value to our clients.”