Region: Queensland
Content Types: Report
Date: April, 2024

Whitebark geothermal queenslandWith the addition of Geothermal Exploration Permit 2049, Whitebark Energy Limited further expands it’s potential geothermal portfolio, which now stands at 4,464 sq kms 

EPG2049 comprises of 1250 sub-blocks within the Cooper Basin, which is about 100km West of Windorah in South-West Queensland. This comes after the acquisition of EPG2037 in the South-East Queensland region which covers an area of approximately 589 sq kms and is roughly 25km from Brisbane.

EPG2049 makes up approximately 3,875 sq kms and was identified following a comprehensive review of a number of geological considerations and future market access availability in the region. It will also consider the commercial viability of the permit and look into its historical well data to further gauge the potentials of the asset.

Green hydrogen potential

Following an energy-to-market analysis, by the company, EPG2049 is likely to support not only geothermal development but also green hydrogen production. Initial indications from offset well data pointed to an elevated geothermal gradient in the area with considerable potential to produce long-term, dispatchable renewable energy and green hydrogen for the region.

In collaboration with its technology partner, the company has begun to identify a works programme for EPG2049 and EPG2037, including timelines and financing.

Whitebark General Manager, Adam Stepanoff said, “The acceptance of EPG2049 in conjunction with our recent acceptance of EPG2037s application, represents an exciting development in the company’s geothermal strategy. Along with our technology partners, Whitebark will be in a prime position to deliver geothermal energy and green hydrogen into the national highway network.”