Region: Australia
Content Types: Report
Date: July, 2022

 bc 3374

Heerema has been awarded a decommissioning contract by Woodside Energy that includes the integrated engineering, preparation, removal, and transport of the Nganhurra riser turret mooring (RTM).

For the project, Heerema will remove the RTM from the Enfield field, located approximately 52 km northwest of Exmouth in Western Australia, by lifting the structure in one piece onto a barge and transporting it o Henderson or another suitable Australian port for dismantling, and recycling or reuse.

Jeroen van Oosten, Heerema’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “We are proud to be Woodside Energy’s contractor of choice for removing the Nganhurra RTM. This contract represents our first decommissioning project in Australia and although Heerema has a long history of safely and sustainably removing offshore structures from the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, we are very excited to continue our responsible decommissioning operations in Australian waters.”

Heerema is looking forward to taking an active role in Australia’s decommissioning ambitions. The removal and subsequent reuse or recycling of offshore infrastructure is an essential final step in the lifecycle of oil and gas infrastructure and aligns with our company values of responsibility, sustainability, and contributing to a circular society.”